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Mordechai Kedar Israeli scholar of Arabic literature and a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University reflects on Netanyahu’s speech.

Bar-Ilan University’s Begin-Sadat center in Israel.

These are Mordechai Kedar reflections interpreted from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu address to the school on 13th October 2013.

You must recognize Israel as the Jewish state with a right to its country. If you do not recognize it, you will not have peace. This is a legitimate demand — important, honest and truthful — but the Arabs will never agree to it for several reasons.

1. Muslims believe that the religion of Judaism was cancelled out when Christianity arose, and the same happened to Christianity when Islam arrived. And if Judaism is null and void, then how can the Jews come and say that they have a holy land all for themselves?

2. For the Arabs, the Jews are not a nation but a religious community assembled from various ethnicities and countries where Jews have lived for hundreds of years. So if they are not a nation, why do they need Israel?

3. According to the Quran, the land of Israel is an Islamic holy land; therefore. no Muslim authority will recognize a Jewish state in Israel.

4. Jerusalem is the eye of the storm: According to Islam, there cannot be Jewish sovereignty in Jerusalem, because such an event would signify that Judaism has risen from the grave after Islam had abolished it.

All these reasons prevent an Islamic recognition of Israel as a Jewish state from ever taking place.

Watch Prime Ministers Speech.

“Bail in” Cyprus-Style Wealth Confiscation Laws coming to Australia!

In 2012-13 Cyprus a Greek Island in the Mediterranean which is just of the coast of Syria and Lebanon were subjected to a Modern day wealth confiscation called “Bail in” ( instead of Bailout)

It is now clear that bank depositors will lose their hard earned money above 100,000 Euros and they will lose 6.7% of funds under 100,000 Euros.

These were the demands of the EU to secure a 10billion Euro capital injection over the next few years.

Its now happening around the world!

Laws are now being put in place in other countries around the world  like EU, Poland, Iceland, Italy, USA, UK, Canada and New Zealand and it seems soon to come to Australia! (All part of the G20!)

It seems that governments all the around the world are getting ready for a major financial problem which will mean that our savings deposited in the banks will be taken lawfully by our elected governments to stabilize the global banking system!

Just this Month October 2013 the International Monetary Fund has called for a 10% Levy on ALL European household saving accounts!

See the IMF report here go to page 48!

Here is a CNN MONEY news report on the plan – Europe bank rescue plan would hit investors

Poland has just announced that it is confiscating the funds held within Private Pension funds- check out this story at:  reuters.com

The Australian Government has recently confiscated ALL private bank account funds that have not been operated on for over 3 years and announced it will raise the Australian Govt debt ceiling to $500 billion!

See also

Barnaby Joyce Blog site   “Australian government planning to steal your money to “bail-in” so-called “systemically-important financial institutions” (SIFI’s) — under the orders of an unelected international body (of bankers and bureaucrats) you’ve never heard of; a body funded by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), and chaired consecutively by Goldman Sachs alumni”

Barnaby Joyce barnabyisright.com  “G20-governments-all-agreed-to-cyprus-style-theft-of-bank-deposits-in-2010″

investmentwatchblog.com  Cyprus-Style Wealth Confiscation Is Now Happening All Over The Globe-  September 24th, 2013

wikipedia.org – Cypriot financial crisis

globalresearch.ca  The Bank Confiscation Scheme for US and UK Depositors


Letter found on the internet addressed to Department of Treasury from Australian Financial Markets Assoc.

11 January2013

General Manager – Mr Lonsdale

Financial System Division

The Treasury

Langton Crescent


Extract  “However, APRA, as the resolution authority, should have the power to enact a bail – in for banks incorporated in Australia during a resolution.”

David Love


Policy & International Affairs

Australian Financial Markets Association

APRA is the prudential regulator of banks, insurance companies and superannuation funds, credit unions, building societies and friendly societies.

Martial law coming to America?

The economic challenges and the US Government shutdown has now got people talking about martial law.


Reports are now coming from Religious leaders and from business and political leaders in America that martial law is coming to USA – caused by a financial collapse.

My last blog post mentioned a coming financial collapse that will cause hyper inflation but now other leaders are warning of martial law.

The current people who are predicting martial law in USA is Rich Joyner, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and Ellen Brown President of the Public Banking Institute.






These are a few extracts from Rich Joyner’s October 8th 2103 report:

  • “The main cause of the crisis that leads to martial law will be a currency collapse and a banking system failure.”
  • “This will lead to a period of near anarchy and chaos that forces our military to intervene to stop the meltdown.”

“The IMF (International Monetary Fund) did a widely publicized study on America’s debt and concluded that our real debt is over 100 trillion. The $16 plus trillion our government is now reporting as our debt is calculated by using a cash basis accounting method that would get us sent to jail if we tried to use it. This figure only reports how much we have borrowed and does not consider future obligations such as entitlements.”

“The IMF study concluded that if Americans were taxed at the rate of 100%, we still could not ever pay our obligations. This alone could ultimately bring down our currency, but it is just one of many deadly factors that could be equally devastating. Something has to give. We have dug a hole that we cannot get out of. It will ultimately result in the collapse of the dollar. That will be an emergency like we have not faced before, but we can get through it. It does not have to be the end of our Republic or our freedoms, but it will take martial law for a time to get the country stabilized and restored to our constitutional moorings.”  Rick Joyner

The USA is a $16.6 Trillion dollar (No 1 in world) economy and Australia a $1.6 Trillion (GDP per year).- The USA is not Australia’s largest export trading partner, China is, BUT the USA is China’s largest export trading nation a total of $411 billion! And the USA is Australia’s second largest importing nation into Australia making up 11.6% of  Australia’s imports. (Australia exports to USA in 2011 was $16billion)

It is now time to consider in Australia what would be the effect on our economy if the USA was to suffer this type of economic shock-wave.



Why the USA is facing a future of hyperinflation.

Glenn Beck Interviews Prof David Buckner about how USA is facing a Wiemar Republic type Hyper Inflation scenario.

Thursday, Oct 3, 2013

Columbia University Professor David Buckner joined Glenn on tonight’s Glenn Beck Program to offer some frightening insight into the state of the U.S. economy. Glenn has long talked about the collapse of Weimar Republic and the triggers that lead to a state of unsustainable hyperinflation. David laid out five “steps” that lead to/cause a hyper-inflated state:

1. Economic implosion
2. Collapse in tax revenues
3. Raise taxes
4. Lenders stop lending
5. Austerity or print

As you can see from the list, the U.S. is obviously not the untouchable stable powerhouse as it was once believed.

So is there any hope for our economy? David believes that the decades of poor policy will ultimately come to a head in October 2014 or January 2015, and from there a complete collapse would be complete in just months. It’s a scary prospect, but, as David explained, it is important to understand the root of problem, if we have any hope of righting the wrongs.

Watch the Video interview

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7 Signs in the Heavens (That Will Be Seen Before 70th Anniversary of Israel)

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti, the pastor of Discover Church , Melbourne, Australia, has published a “Warning” video about 7 Super-Signs in the Heavens.

You will be shocked to see the signs that he shows that are, according to him, what God has written about in the Bible.

Talking about the Hebrew roots of end time prophecies, he points to 7 signs that might be seen until and before 70th Birthday of Israel.

Why 70 is important? He explains: “Because Israel was given 70 years in Babylonian captivity and 70 years from the time that Jesus was born to the time when its temple was destroyed.”

“So there is something important that is the fact that Israel is about to turn 70 years old since it was born again in 1948.”

And here are the 7 signs, along with some observations about the date. And he affirms, “they will never occur again in your life time” and they “will start soon.”

1-Blood Moon (April 15, 2014) Passover – (Jewish Calendar is 15th of Nissan was also when Abraham was visited by Angels 1714BC, Issac was born 1713BC, Jacob Wrestles with Angel 1556 BC, Moses at Burning Bush 1314Bc, The Exodus/Passover 1313 BC

2-Blood mon (Oct 08, 2014) – Sukkot

3-Total Solar (March 20, 2015) – Sign for Gentiles

4-Blood mon (April 4, 2015) – Passover

5- Partial Solar (Sept 13, 2015) – Elul 29 Culce Tishri 1 Civil New 7th Anniversary since last Market Drop- 3rd Shmitah – 911 Sept 11th 2001, Sept 11 2008 Lehman Brothers was collapsing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filed 15th Sept 2008.

See http://www.wnd.com/2012/05/mark-this-date-for-potential-disaster/

6- Blood Moon (Sept 28, 2015) – Supermoon that is also a luner eclipse- Sukkot – 1st day- ( Market drops 777 points Sept. 29, 2008)

7-Virgo Clothed (Sept 23, 2017) – 50th Ann. Of Jerusalem Jubilee

Next – Israel Birthday Independence Day (May 14, 2018) – 70th Anniversary of Israel.

Go to YouTube Video Now  ( or go to YouTube and search for his name or subject title)


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Alan Economic Update- August 2013

I start this comment making it very clear that I am not an investment adviser and would class myself as an amateur in the financial markets.  But I have been studying this area since the GFC and I follow a number of financial newsletters.

Plus I attended the Investment Expo yesterday and listened to allot of people who know allot more than me in this field.

This is what I learned and what I am hearing.  Check with a professional before you act on any of my comments.

What could be coming:

Immediately after our Australian election on 7th Sept the Australian stock market will see a further spike in prices and confidence up until about the 16th Sept which is the height of the company dividend payouts.

But by October we will see a decline towards Christmas.  However internationally there could be a major correction very soon!

The DOW is at an all-time high of 15558 which is higher than just before the GFC of 13895. The Aust All ORDS is just over 5000 it was at 6875 just before the GFC.  CBA bank shareholders beware CBA is one of the most expensive bank shares in the world, its currently $72 AUD its was $60 AUD just before the GFC and it went to $24 so I would be looking at this share very closely. (wink wink say no more) but beware the dividend date for CBA is 3rd October so don’t do anything until after then.

I would also consider taking a defensive position, some people I know have already moved their super into cash.

Bonds are getting sold off which means interest rates will be on the way up if this trend continues. It could be a good time to lock in a fixed term interest rate for your mortgage. Remember if interest rates go up overseas like USA they must go up in Australia so we continue to attract overseas capital, even if our local market is depressed interest rates would still rise.

Gold and Silver has been heavily sold off and are now looking like they might be in a long term upward trend, with some fluctuations along the way. Gold had a 45% retracement from its low of $280 to $1920 back to $1180 USD an ounce. And one thing I have learnt is that what goes up goes down and what goes down goes up! I heard some estimates by Gold enthusiasts of $ 5000+ USD in longer term future.

AUD might stay in the mid to low .90s in Sept and might start sliding down to mid-80s and then find good long term support, unless there is a major 2GFC.

Our petrol prices will stay somewhat stable as international oil companies need oil to stay above $80- 90 dollars a barrel (currently $106 barrel) but will not get allot higher as high oil prices encourages alternative energy solutions so OPEC and other oil producing nations have a vested interest to keep oil affordable so it does not encourage alternative energy rivals.  This little fact explained to me why the big car companies have not been quick to design alternative fuel source cars!

A shining light for the USA is shale oil, which is expensive to produce but is making a helpful 22% reduction to the US trade deficit that is still over $500 billion per year. The USA stopped having a trade surplus after 1975. They still export $2.2 trillion per year but they import 2.7 trillion per year. The US National Debt stands at $17 Trillion.

I hope you found this interesting!


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LEICA AND THE JEWS- A true World War 2 story


The Leica is the pioneer 35mm camera. It is a German product – precise, minimalist, and utterly efficient.

Behind its worldwide acceptance as a creative tool was a family-owned, socially oriented firm that, during the Nazi era, acted with uncommon grace, generosity and modesty. E. Leitz Inc., designer and manufacturer of Germany ‘s most famous photographic product, saved its Jews.

And Ernst Leitz II, the steely-eyed Protestant patriarch who headed the closely held firm as the Holocaust loomed across Europe, acted in such a way as to earn the title, “the photography industry’s Schindler.”

As soon as Adolf Hitler was named chancellor of Germany in 1933, Ernst Leitz II began receiving frantic calls from Jewish associates, asking for his help in getting them and their families out of the country. As Christians, Leitz and his family were immune to Nazi Germany’s Nuremberg laws, which restricted the movement of Jews and limited their professional activities.

To help his Jewish workers and colleagues, Leitz quietly established what has become known among historians of the Holocaust as “the Leica Freedom Train,” a covert means of allowing Jews to leave Germany in the guise of Leitz employees being assigned overseas.

Employees, retailers, family members, even friends of family members were “assigned” to Leitz sales offices in France, Britain, Hong Kong and the United States, Leitz’s activities intensified after the Kristallnacht of November 1938, during which synagogues and Jewish shops were burned across Germany.

Before long, German “employees” were disembarking from the ocean liner Bremen at a New York pier and making their way to the Manhattan office of Leitz Inc., where executives quickly found them jobs in the photographic industry.

Each new arrival had around his or her neck the symbol of freedom – a new Leica camera.

The refugees were paid a stipend until they could find work. Out of this migration came designers, repair technicians, salespeople, marketers and writers for the photographic press.

Keeping the story quiet The “Leica Freedom Train” was at its height in 1938 and early 1939,delivering groups of refugees to New York every few weeks. Then, with the invasion of Poland on Sept. 1, 1939, Germany closed its borders.

By that time, hundreds of endangered Jews had escaped to America, thanks to the Leitzes’ efforts. How did Ernst Leitz II and his staff get away with it?

Leitz, Inc. was an internationally recognized brand that reflected credit on the newly resurgent Reich. The company produced cameras, range-finders and other optical systems for the German military. Also, the Nazi government desperately needed hard currency from abroad, and Leitz’s single biggest market for optical goods was the United States.

Even so, members of the Leitz family and firm suffered for their good works. A top executive, Alfred Turk, was jailed for working to help Jews and freed only after the payment of a large bribe.

Leitz’s daughter, Elsie Kuhn-Leitz, was imprisoned by the Gestapo after she was caught at the border, helping Jewish women cross into Switzerland . She eventually was freed but endured rough treatment in the course of questioning. She also fell under suspicion when she attempted to improve the living conditions of 700 to 800 Ukrainian slave laborers, all of them women, who had been assigned to work in the plant during the 1940s. (After the war, Kuhn-Leitz received numerous honors for her humanitarian efforts, among them the Officer d’honneur des Palms Academic from France in 1965 and the Aristide Briand Medal from the European Academy in the 1970s.)

Why has no one told this story until now? According to the late Norman Lipton, a freelance writer and editor, the Leitz family wanted no publicity for its heroic efforts. Only after the last member of the Leitz family was dead did the “Leica Freedom Train” finally come to light.

It is now the subject of a book, “The Greatest Invention of the Leitz Family: The Leica Freedom Train,” by Frank Dabba Smith, a California-born Rabbi currently living in England.

Thank you for reading the above, and if you feel inclined as I did to pass it along to others, please do so. It only takes a few minutes.

Memories of the righteous should live on.

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The Secret Place

Dr Dale Fife adressed the ICCC conference on the importance of having an intimate relationship with the Lord on the 4th and 5th March in Jerusalem.

He has written two books on this topic called the Secret Place – passionately pursuing his presence and another called The Light Giver.

He shared that he was at a point of desperation, he went into his office closed the door and decided not to exit until God had spoken to him. He was so discouraged that he was ready to leave his pastorial role at his church and retire from ministry.

But God heard his cry and started to speak to him about many things. All the details are in his books but I can share a few brief points with you.

Dr Fife said  “God said to him, ” The quality of your spiritual life is directly proportional to the amount of time you spend in my presence”. “Fullfillment is found in my presence, dont confuse my assignment and your purpose, your purpose is to be in my presence”

Fife said ” We exist to be in Gods presence, our assignment is to manefist the Kingdom of God where we are called, Your provision is found in your assignment ie workplace. “

I will attempt to post more of his story soon.




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Jerusalem the Holy City

Jerusalem – a city on the Hill.

Driving from Tel Aviv you realise why the bible says they went up to Jerusalem as the car climbs for more than 40 min to get to the Mountain Jerusalem was built upon, Mount Zion and  Mount Moriah… what a truely amazing place.

When we visited the wailing wall or western wall a group of young jewish guys just broke out in a spontaneous dance before God. One Jewish guy said it was because they were happy and not afraid.  See the young guys dance here video

See more video 

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Museum of Jewish People

Today we visited the Museum of the Jewish People it was very moving. See www.bh.org.il 

It was concerning to see how much the Jewish people have been persecuted over the years and how the Christian Church has been one of those persecutors.  I found one statue that depicted a Christian Ruler on one side and the Jewish lady downcast with a blindfold on the other. This was an example of how the church got it wrong when it thought it had replaced the Jewish people. What we now call replacement theology.

How could God change his mind on his promise to Abraham to Bless the Jewish nation and that he would bless all those who bless the Jews.  If he was able to do that he could change his mind about his plan for the church!  We need to open our eyes to see that God is restoring Israel and the church side by side so they will both fullfill thier devine purpose. There is no other explanation other than God is sustaining and protecting this nation and helping its growth.

Many western nations are in major decline and I believe its because they have denied the existence of God. This does not mean God will forget his people (anyone who believes in him) no matter what nation they live in, I think God is and plans to increase his blesssing on all those who seek him and call him their Lord and thier God. Again you will see the difference between those who serve God and those who do not.

Malachi 3:18 NIV 
“They will be mine,” says the LORD Almighty, “in the day when I make up my treasured possession. I will spare them, just as in compassion a man spares his son who serves him. And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not.”
We could well be in a whole new era in Gods calander – Israel and all world wide believers in the God of the Jews are the sign post to say God is still the creator of heaven and earth and he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek HIM.
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Gaza Rocket

We heard from Israeli business expert today that the last 3 months has been the most peaceful it has been for years. Then suddenly a rocket was launched from Gaza in to Israel and exploded near Ashkelon.  See Rocket

One of our party was walking on the beach and heard the explosion and felt an air pressure Wave immediating after the noise.

We heard today that there are 3000 start up business happening in Israel and any one time with many 100’s being started every year. There is $16 billion US Venture capital invested in early start ups in Israel in economy of $240 billion GDP.  The Govt provides $500 million in grants per year for high risk start ups.

This is a start up nation, they are not afraid of having a go and failure is not the death of any future ideas.

Next month President Obama will be visiting Israel from 20-22 March 2013.


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Israel Innovations

Its Tuesday morning in Israel clear skys and 25 cel. We had a very interesting time yesterday at the Tel Aviv University video interviewing six people who are involved with amazing business innovation. We talked with Levi Shapiro who runs excelorator programs training and mentoring young business entreprenuers with their new ideas and www.startau.co.il and www.gvahim.org.il

We interviewed one lady who is setting up an online way to invest in early start ups, – a guy working on interactive 3D visual education, a precurser to what you see on the Iron Man movie’s, – a lovely professor who is working on wearable medical sensors which montors Body operations — a young guy who developed a predictive text that links to company logos, and a guy who developed a great security app for person protection that also monitors your location any where in the world via GPS.

Israel is truely amazing innovations.

More meetings today.


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Arrived in Tel Aviv

In Tel Aviv now the start up capital of world apart from USA.
Tonight is the festival of Purim year 5773 in Jewish calander,
Purim is celebrated because Queen Esther was able to save the Jewish
nation from the evil Haman from the decree of King Xerxes
There are many people dressing up and going out to party’s acrosss the city
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Early Morning in London

Hi Everyone

I have uploaded a number of videos and photos to my facebook and Youtube account that you should be able to see if you are a friend on face book.

The video links below will take you to my youtube account that will allow you to see the other posted videos if you are interested.

Richard and i had a great walk through the streets of London yesterday and we came across a croud of crazy girls waiting to see Justin Beaver…we didnt wait around.

London is cold and snowing at times with beautiful light fluffy flakes, a welcome change from high 30+ deg days in Australia.  I saw where my ancestor is buried today – David Livingstone in the floor of Westminster Abbey an amazing church. Pitty it costs 18 pounds to get in! Also saw the Rosetta stone in the British Museum it’s a stone that was discovered by the armies of French General Napolian during his time in Egypt. This was the stone that helped Egyptologist understand ancient egyptian writtings.

We are leaving later today ( its 4am now) from Heathrow to Tel Aviv to begin our business match making meetings from Monday  to Thursday when we transfer to Jerusalem.

We have some great biz meetings with some amazing people.  I will tell you who they were after the meetings, but we are going to hear about all the amazing innovations coming out of the nation of Israel. So stay tuned for some exciting reports!

I have also been invited to speak briefly at the ICCC conference on modern methods of communication, this blog being one of them.

There is lots to see and hear about so check out my facebook account and the youtube video acc.



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Visiting Israel

Hi Everyone.

On the 23rd of Feb a group of Christian Business people are going to be in London, Tel Aviv – Jerusalem Israel, Petra in Jordon Eilat at the tip of Gulf of Acaba.

We are looking at the exciting technology innovations in Israel then attending the International Christian Chamber of Commerce Conference in Jerusalem.

You will be able to follow us as we walk the streets of Jerusalem, and see the Dead Sea, and Petra where the Indiana Jones 2 and Transformers 2 movies were filmed.

We also plan to show you some amazing mountainous area where Lawrence of Arabia staged his attacks against the Ottoman Turks during the 1st World war.

So check out this site each day to see if there is an update – I hope you will enjoy

Click here to View the First Video

God Bless