Feb 25, 2013 - Israel    2 Comments

Arrived in Tel Aviv

In Tel Aviv now the start up capital of world apart from USA.
Tonight is the festival of Purim year 5773 in Jewish calander,
Purim is celebrated because Queen Esther was able to save the Jewish
nation from the evil Haman from the decree of King Xerxes
There are many people dressing up and going out to party’s acrosss the city


  • Looking forward to hearing about your further adventures.
    Purim is a fun time in Israel.
    In Jerusalem it is celebrated a day later than the rest of Israel.
    Purim is a day when you are allowed to get slightly drunk.
    Hope you didn’t see too much of that in Tel Aviv.

    • Hi Willie

      Great to hear from you, all is going really well and we are enjoying our selves and making some great biz contacts and learning allot. Really looking forward to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea Petra tour thanks for all your tour planning. Alan

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