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Israel Innovations

Its Tuesday morning in Israel clear skys and 25 cel. We had a very interesting time yesterday at the Tel Aviv University video interviewing six people who are involved with amazing business innovation. We talked with Levi Shapiro who runs excelorator programs training and mentoring young business entreprenuers with their new ideas and www.startau.co.il and www.gvahim.org.il

We interviewed one lady who is setting up an online way to invest in early start ups, – a guy working on interactive 3D visual education, a precurser to what you see on the Iron Man movie’s, – a lovely professor who is working on wearable medical sensors which montors Body operations — a young guy who developed a predictive text that links to company logos, and a guy who developed a great security app for person protection that also monitors your location any where in the world via GPS.

Israel is truely amazing innovations.

More meetings today.


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