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Gaza Rocket

We heard from Israeli business expert today that the last 3 months has been the most peaceful it has been for years. Then suddenly a rocket was launched from Gaza in to Israel and exploded near Ashkelon.  See Rocket

One of our party was walking on the beach and heard the explosion and felt an air pressure Wave immediating after the noise.

We heard today that there are 3000 start up business happening in Israel and any one time with many 100’s being started every year. There is $16 billion US Venture capital invested in early start ups in Israel in economy of $240 billion GDP.  The Govt provides $500 million in grants per year for high risk start ups.

This is a start up nation, they are not afraid of having a go and failure is not the death of any future ideas.

Next month President Obama will be visiting Israel from 20-22 March 2013.


1 Comment

  • Hello to the A Team!

    Sending lots of prayers and blessings to you all as you continue on your fantastic journey….

    I pray God’s continuing protection over you as your progress through your amazing trip of sharing friendship, God connections, revelations and leadings in many historically places of The Bible. It must be so incredibly special for you all – and a chapter in all your lives to be treasured and remembered forever.

    Al – Thankyou for sharing regular updates on the trip and all the facts/stats and observations!

    I was thinking about what you said – that thousands of businesses have been started up because the nation isn’t afraid to have a go…and that “failure is not the death of any future ideas.”

    I love that quote! Thankyou. We all need to take that to heart in our blessed nation of Australia. To give things a go…to not be afraid…and that failure is indeed NOT the death of any future ideas. AMEN!

    May we all be encouraged by the nation of Israel – and take to our hearts the people’s courage, convictions and have-a-go attitude no matter the cost or results. To take risks in life.

    God bless you all as you continue on – and can’t wait to see the pics!

    Luv Lee Lee

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