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The Secret Place

Dr Dale Fife adressed the ICCC conference on the importance of having an intimate relationship with the Lord on the 4th and 5th March in Jerusalem.

He has written two books on this topic called the Secret Place – passionately pursuing his presence and another called The Light Giver.

He shared that he was at a point of desperation, he went into his office closed the door and decided not to exit until God had spoken to him. He was so discouraged that he was ready to leave his pastorial role at his church and retire from ministry.

But God heard his cry and started to speak to him about many things. All the details are in his books but I can share a few brief points with you.

Dr Fife said  “God said to him, ” The quality of your spiritual life is directly proportional to the amount of time you spend in my presence”. “Fullfillment is found in my presence, dont confuse my assignment and your purpose, your purpose is to be in my presence”

Fife said ” We exist to be in Gods presence, our assignment is to manefist the Kingdom of God where we are called, Your provision is found in your assignment ie workplace. “

I will attempt to post more of his story soon.




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Jerusalem the Holy City

Jerusalem – a city on the Hill.

Driving from Tel Aviv you realise why the bible says they went up to Jerusalem as the car climbs for more than 40 min to get to the Mountain Jerusalem was built upon, Mount Zion and  Mount Moriah… what a truely amazing place.

When we visited the wailing wall or western wall a group of young jewish guys just broke out in a spontaneous dance before God. One Jewish guy said it was because they were happy and not afraid.  See the young guys dance here video

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