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7 Signs in the Heavens (That Will Be Seen Before 70th Anniversary of Israel)

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti, the pastor of Discover Church , Melbourne, Australia, has published a “Warning” video about 7 Super-Signs in the Heavens.

You will be shocked to see the signs that he shows that are, according to him, what God has written about in the Bible.

Talking about the Hebrew roots of end time prophecies, he points to 7 signs that might be seen until and before 70th Birthday of Israel.

Why 70 is important? He explains: “Because Israel was given 70 years in Babylonian captivity and 70 years from the time that Jesus was born to the time when its temple was destroyed.”

“So there is something important that is the fact that Israel is about to turn 70 years old since it was born again in 1948.”

And here are the 7 signs, along with some observations about the date. And he affirms, “they will never occur again in your life time” and they “will start soon.”

1-Blood Moon (April 15, 2014) Passover – (Jewish Calendar is 15th of Nissan was also when Abraham was visited by Angels 1714BC, Issac was born 1713BC, Jacob Wrestles with Angel 1556 BC, Moses at Burning Bush 1314Bc, The Exodus/Passover 1313 BC

2-Blood mon (Oct 08, 2014) – Sukkot

3-Total Solar (March 20, 2015) – Sign for Gentiles

4-Blood mon (April 4, 2015) – Passover

5- Partial Solar (Sept 13, 2015) – Elul 29 Culce Tishri 1 Civil New 7th Anniversary since last Market Drop- 3rd Shmitah – 911 Sept 11th 2001, Sept 11 2008 Lehman Brothers was collapsing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filed 15th Sept 2008.


6- Blood Moon (Sept 28, 2015) – Supermoon that is also a luner eclipse- Sukkot – 1st day- ( Market drops 777 points Sept. 29, 2008)

7-Virgo Clothed (Sept 23, 2017) – 50th Ann. Of Jerusalem Jubilee

Next – Israel Birthday Independence Day (May 14, 2018) – 70th Anniversary of Israel.

Go to YouTube Video Now  ( or go to YouTube and search for his name or subject title)