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Jesus Speaks from the Old and New Testamant through Ben Hur Film


Many people have seen the film Ben Hur released in 1959 by MGM.  I remember watching the 35mm film at my school when I was 14 years old and being really moved by the epic story, but back then I never knew why it moved me so much.

Now 40 years later I now understand why Judah Ben Hur (played by Charlton Heston one of my favorite actors of that era) story moved me show powerfully.  It is an epic story of redemption of one man and of the whole of humanity.

I have taken some moving film images, included music and scriptures from the Old and new Testament Bible, and you hear Jesus speaking to our generation now and to all those who come after us.

As you watch this short clip, consider that Isaiah saw 600 years into the future and penned the words that are now immortalized in the sufferings of Christ on the Cross.

“Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but my words will never pass away” Matthew 24:35

Here is the link to the 2 minute clip  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6A5qg-dg8gs

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