Dec 18, 2014 - Global Financial System    2 Comments

How much is a Trillion Dollars?

“Can anyone tell me how much a Trillion dollars is Please”?

Well the question came back with the answer put in a way that really puts things in perspective!


I owe you some money!

So I say to you  “I will pay you what I owe you in 1 million seconds “

And when you calculate that out 1 million seconds works out to 11.5 days!  OK you say “I can live with that!”

Sorry – I say- ” I meant to say I will pay you in 1 billion seconds – you work that out and it’s 31 years” – Now we have a problem!

But wait – I say “Sorry did I say 1 Billion I actually meant 1 Trillion seconds”!

When you work out what 1 Trillion seconds is – you realize that I plan to pay you in 31,688 YEARS

The USA is now $18 Trillion Dollars in Debt – I don’t think any of us plan to be around long enough to see that paid off!

The next question I have now asked is – “Can someone please tell me Who the USA owes $18 Trillion dollars too”??????


  • Smoke and mirrors and Fractional Reserve Banking –

    And for those who want the quick clue: *whisper* It’s in the same place Santa keeps his presents.

    And make sure you don’t say the answer out loud; you may upset some kids and burst the delusional bubble some big kids reside in 😉

  • Now that is the Question and if the answer is half to the rest of the world and half to yourself. What Happens if you can’t pay yourself back?

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