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RA Torrey and Alfred Deakin linked to 1902 Melb Spiritual Revival

In April 1902 Reuben Archer Torrey an American evangelist came to Melbourne in response to thousands of petitions sent to DL Moody to preach in Australia.

This is an exclusive discovery by that Alfred Deakin did make contact with RA Torrey at an event held in June 1902 Melbourne Town Hall.

ra-torreyIn August 1904 Torrey held a service in the city of Cardiff Wales that resulted in many salvations. Only two month later Evan Roberts held his famous prayer meeting in Moriah Calvinistic Methodist Chapel
66-68 Glebe Road Loughor Wales only a few miles from Cardiff. The Welsh revival began sweeping 100,000 people into the Kingdom and the society was dramatically changed. See

The Real Story about Syria, Trump, Clinton and how it links to the Bible.

It has become clear in the last few years that the western media is controlled and owned by globalist leaders who have a hidden agenda.

The truth about what is really happening in Syria and the world is opposite to what we hear on the nightly news. Sadly we are all subject to well crafted propaganda designed to promote the agenda of the ruling class.

Is that conspiracy theory?  After doing extensive research on the global financial system and the philosophies of many of the leading economic and political institutions in the world since the 2008 GFC- I have come to realize that the TRUTH has been hidden on purpose.

These three video’s will give you a little glimpse of what is happening. Maybe when the Snowdon feature film is released we will learn a little more? Read more on these issues at this website. Alan

Why Everything You Hear About Aleppo Is Wrong- Vanessa Beeley

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