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Museum of Jewish People

Today we visited the Museum of the Jewish People it was very moving. See www.bh.org.il 

It was concerning to see how much the Jewish people have been persecuted over the years and how the Christian Church has been one of those persecutors.  I found one statue that depicted a Christian Ruler on one side and the Jewish lady downcast with a blindfold on the other. This was an example of how the church got it wrong when it thought it had replaced the Jewish people. What we now call replacement theology.

How could God change his mind on his promise to Abraham to Bless the Jewish nation and that he would bless all those who bless the Jews.  If he was able to do that he could change his mind about his plan for the church!  We need to open our eyes to see that God is restoring Israel and the church side by side so they will both fullfill thier devine purpose. There is no other explanation other than God is sustaining and protecting this nation and helping its growth.

Many western nations are in major decline and I believe its because they have denied the existence of God. This does not mean God will forget his people (anyone who believes in him) no matter what nation they live in, I think God is and plans to increase his blesssing on all those who seek him and call him their Lord and thier God. Again you will see the difference between those who serve God and those who do not.

Malachi 3:18 NIV 
“They will be mine,” says the LORD Almighty, “in the day when I make up my treasured possession. I will spare them, just as in compassion a man spares his son who serves him. And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not.”
We could well be in a whole new era in Gods calander – Israel and all world wide believers in the God of the Jews are the sign post to say God is still the creator of heaven and earth and he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek HIM.
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Gaza Rocket

We heard from Israeli business expert today that the last 3 months has been the most peaceful it has been for years. Then suddenly a rocket was launched from Gaza in to Israel and exploded near Ashkelon.  See Rocket

One of our party was walking on the beach and heard the explosion and felt an air pressure Wave immediating after the noise.

We heard today that there are 3000 start up business happening in Israel and any one time with many 100’s being started every year. There is $16 billion US Venture capital invested in early start ups in Israel in economy of $240 billion GDP.  The Govt provides $500 million in grants per year for high risk start ups.

This is a start up nation, they are not afraid of having a go and failure is not the death of any future ideas.

Next month President Obama will be visiting Israel from 20-22 March 2013.


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Israel Innovations

Its Tuesday morning in Israel clear skys and 25 cel. We had a very interesting time yesterday at the Tel Aviv University video interviewing six people who are involved with amazing business innovation. We talked with Levi Shapiro who runs excelorator programs training and mentoring young business entreprenuers with their new ideas and www.startau.co.il and www.gvahim.org.il

We interviewed one lady who is setting up an online way to invest in early start ups, – a guy working on interactive 3D visual education, a precurser to what you see on the Iron Man movie’s, – a lovely professor who is working on wearable medical sensors which montors Body operations — a young guy who developed a predictive text that links to company logos, and a guy who developed a great security app for person protection that also monitors your location any where in the world via GPS.

Israel is truely amazing innovations.

More meetings today.


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Arrived in Tel Aviv

In Tel Aviv now the start up capital of world apart from USA.
Tonight is the festival of Purim year 5773 in Jewish calander,
Purim is celebrated because Queen Esther was able to save the Jewish
nation from the evil Haman from the decree of King Xerxes
There are many people dressing up and going out to party’s acrosss the city
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Early Morning in London

Hi Everyone

I have uploaded a number of videos and photos to my facebook and Youtube account that you should be able to see if you are a friend on face book.

The video links below will take you to my youtube account that will allow you to see the other posted videos if you are interested.

Richard and i had a great walk through the streets of London yesterday and we came across a croud of crazy girls waiting to see Justin Beaver…we didnt wait around.

London is cold and snowing at times with beautiful light fluffy flakes, a welcome change from high 30+ deg days in Australia.  I saw where my ancestor is buried today – David Livingstone in the floor of Westminster Abbey an amazing church. Pitty it costs 18 pounds to get in! Also saw the Rosetta stone in the British Museum it’s a stone that was discovered by the armies of French General Napolian during his time in Egypt. This was the stone that helped Egyptologist understand ancient egyptian writtings.

We are leaving later today ( its 4am now) from Heathrow to Tel Aviv to begin our business match making meetings from Monday  to Thursday when we transfer to Jerusalem.

We have some great biz meetings with some amazing people.  I will tell you who they were after the meetings, but we are going to hear about all the amazing innovations coming out of the nation of Israel. So stay tuned for some exciting reports!

I have also been invited to speak briefly at the ICCC conference on modern methods of communication, this blog being one of them.

There is lots to see and hear about so check out my facebook account and the youtube video acc.



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Visiting Israel

Hi Everyone.

On the 23rd of Feb a group of Christian Business people are going to be in London, Tel Aviv – Jerusalem Israel, Petra in Jordon Eilat at the tip of Gulf of Acaba.

We are looking at the exciting technology innovations in Israel then attending the International Christian Chamber of Commerce Conference in Jerusalem.

You will be able to follow us as we walk the streets of Jerusalem, and see the Dead Sea, and Petra where the Indiana Jones 2 and Transformers 2 movies were filmed.

We also plan to show you some amazing mountainous area where Lawrence of Arabia staged his attacks against the Ottoman Turks during the 1st World war.

So check out this site each day to see if there is an update – I hope you will enjoy

Click here to View the First Video

God Bless